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  1. Name : Dr Nitin Pandey
  2. Profession : Pediatrician
  3. Date of Birth: 31 Jan **
  4. Medical College : Armed Forces Medical College    Click to join T-batch   Click to join T-batch Yahoo Group
  5. Worked : For 5 yrs in the Indian Air Force
  6. Presently : Doing Private Consultation in DehraDun , Uttaranchal ,India.
  7. E Mail : to send me one !
  8. I love : Travelling
  9. See some of my Writings on Uttarakhand
  10. My dream: To have enough money to make a small hospital in a beautiful mountain in the interior of Garhwal Himalayas and give happiness to people.
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  12. Join Citizens for Green Doon if you care for Dehradun.
Dr Nitin Pandey
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