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Agatti Island

28-Dec-06 to 02-Jan-07

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Things to take....

  1. PLENTY of sun screen lotion.
  2. Hat
  3. Sun glasses.
  4. Swim Suit / trunks (obviously!!)
  5. Most important, HIGH HOLIDAY SPIRITS !!

Getting there.....

There are only two ways of getting to Agatti, other than swimming 250kms of deep sea. Either you can take a 24hr boat journey across the sea or fly 1hr 15mins from Kochi.
Ships are cheaper BUT uncomfortable. There are no cabins, only reclining chairs. They are also flooded by local people, so there are long queues for breakfast, lunch and dinner, upto 45 mins !!!!!! People take sleeping bags and sleep all over the floor. Plus the rocking and rolling of the ship can be a little too much for some. ( Ships which take you on a charted tour of the islands however have cabins and do not take locals).
So, the more comfortable and faster option is to take a flight. However, since the only aircraft going to Agatti is a 11 seater Indian Airlines Dornier aircraft, one has to book really well in advance, around a year in advance if possible. There is only one flight per day and the 11 seats includes 3 staff, two pilots and one steward, so you are left with only 8 seats up for grabs !!!!! Fare is around 7500/- Rs.
Most Important -->
Since it is a small aircraft, one is only allowed to carry 15kgs of luggage with one ticket, 10kgs in the hold and 5kgs hand bag. Do not carry more or you'll have problems. Normal Boeings allow upto 35kgs, so there is a lot of difference. We stayed in Hotel Abad Plaza in Kochi on our way in, so we packed all the non essentials in one bag and left it at the reception, since we were coming back there for a day on our way back to Dehra Dun. That solved our problem.
To enter the islands one needs a permit. The permit is usually arranged by the hotel you are staying in, a few days before the actual visit. Indians only need their date of births and place of residence, foreigners have to attach a copy of the passport. Permits are specific, from this day to that day and they are given on the undertaking by the hotel that the guest will arrive and depart of the exact date and if the goverment wishes otherwise, the hotel will ensure the guest will depart on that day !!! The tickets and permits are checked by the local police on your arrival to the Island.
Agatti Island
Inside the Aircraft.... Agatti Island
Agatti Island Free Airport Pickup Free Airport Pick Up !
Representatives of the hotel meet you at the airport and do the necessary formalities for you. So, there is no need to worry about anything. Agatti Island Beach Resort brochure says "Free airport pickup".....see the pickup on the right !! When the airport is 2 mins walk from the hotel, it is odd to advertise such a "facility".
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