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Agatti Island

28-Dec-06 to 02-Jan-07

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Agatti Island Beach Resort

The resort consists of a number of beautiful cottages situated about 100meters from the airport and right on the beach. All the cottages are sea facing and have a b...e..a..u..t...i...f...u...l view of the sea. It is heavenly lying on the hammock in front of your cottage and soaking in the pleasant sun.
The lagoon water is crystal clear and you can see the sea weeds on the sea floor. Its changes color with the time of day and is varies from light blue to green to all shades of blue. Since it is in a lagoon, the sea waves are gentle and small. In the lagoon are corals, brightly colored fishes and giant turtles ! You can see the heads of the turtles coming out periodically for fresh air.
The rooms are comfortable. If you have an air-conditioned room, that is a luxury. Bathrooms are clean and airy.
There is nothing of any kind of room-service, everything is buffet from morning tea to dinner. But the food is excellent, well cooked and tasty.
A "Cool Bar" serves you different fruit juices, whenever you need them, though the prices are "through the roof", Rs 75/- for an orange or watermelon juice !
If you have a BSNL Cell One connection, take your mobile along with you, it works !!!! For those who dont have a Cell One Mobile, there is a STD booth at the hotel reception, so there is no need to worry.
For the TV buffs, there is a Dish TV connection there, so you wont have to miss your favorite serials!!
One good thing for me, which may not be good for others, is that liquor is totally prohibited on the island. So, if booze is your merriment, make merry somewhere else. Bangaram Island has no such restrictions, as it is an un-inhabited island.
See lots more photographs of the resort in the Photo Gallery section.

Water Sports

... come free with the package, not all but most. You can do unlimited kayaking, which is fun. Our 5 day package came with a trip in a glass bottomed boat, a speed boat ride, a boat ride to Bangaram Island and a trip to the Kalpatti or Love Island. Kalpatti Island is also called Love Island because it is shaped like a heart.
You can also do snorkeling and scuba diving, both in the lagoon and in deep sea, depending upon your expertise. These are charged separately, ofcourse. Instructors for both these are excellent and reliable.
Then there is the usual banana ride, water scooter drive , water skiing and the usual stuff found on beaches.
The only point bothering me was the total absence of safety measures. The staff are absolutely sure about their boats and consider them unsinkable, but then, the Titanic also sank. Specially when the boats cross the deep seas enroute to Bangaram Island, they should have adequate number of life jackets and radio communications. Our boat had 24 people and 7 life jackets and ofcourse, no radio !!
Cottage where we stayed....
Agatti Island
Dining Hall
Agatti Island Beautiful Beach....
Agatti Island

Other Must Do's....

Take a trip to the village in the Island. You can hire a motorcylce for Rs 250/- or you can get an auto rickshaw for the same amount. The benefit of an auto rickshaw is that you get a local guide in the same amount. The hotel reception arranges either for you. Unfortunately, we went on a holiday so we missed seeing the local Museum, which is supposed to be very good. Anyway, that did not prevent me from taking a photograph of the cannons on the door outside!!
The whole ride takes about an hour and a half and is money well spent.
Agatti Island
[Agatti Island] [When to go] [Where to stay] [Getting There] [Agatti Island Beach Resort] [Photo Gallery]