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Agatti Island

28-Dec-06 to 02-Jan-07

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When to go....

The best time to go is Indian winters ie. from October to February.
After that it becomes really hot and the sun to harsh to do anything. Hotel rates also reflect this and the peak rates are around New Year. Monsoon time (June - Aug) is the worst time, the seas are rough and it pours .....there is nothing you can do except stay in your room. It is also the time when the hotel rates are one fourth of their normal rates.

What to do....

This is how we did it and you also should do if you want to go by air:
  1. Book air tickets first by Indian Airlines, Kochi to Agatti. Indian Airlines website unfortunately only books tickets upto 3 months in advance, which is toooo late for this sector. So, go to your friendly neighbourhood travel agent.
  2. After you have got your round trip air tickets, call up Agatti Island Resort and book your dates. Confirm them by depositing an amount of Rs 5000/- in their IDBI account.
  3. Do, both of these by the month of February !!!!
  4. By October you'll get an email from the resort of the final charges for the year, so deposit the balance amount in their bank account. Always call them up and confirm after depositing the amount and ask them for a fax reciept.
  5. Around that time also think how will you reach Kochi and book accordingly. On our way in, we stayed at Hotel Abad Plaza which is in the city of Kochi. It is about 1/2 hr away from the airport and for Rs 500/- they will come and pick you up. Very nice and decent hotel. On the way out, we stayed at Abad Airport Hotel, which picks you up and drops you at the airport for free. On the way to Agatti, we deposited our excess baggage with Abad Airport Hotel, for which they even gave us a reciept! They are quite tuned for such requests. Hotel Abad Plaza is also full in winters so do book in Oct / Nov. There is no need to book in Abad Airport Hotel, just tell Abad Plaza reception to book it for you when you check out of the hotel.

[Agatti Island] [When to go] [Where to stay] [Getting There] [Agatti Island Beach Resort] [Photo Gallery]