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Agatti Island

28-Dec-06 to 02-Jan-07

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Where to Stay in Lakshadweep

To see Lakshadweep, one can either take a conducted tour run by SPORTS , the official tourist agency, which takes you around the various islands, sleeping in their ships at night and seeing the islands by day. Problem with this is :
  1. I dont think I can sleep really well in rocking ships.
  2. You get to see plenty of islands but only one day per island, which I felt was less.
The "better" way for seeing the islands is to go and stay in one of the islands and do island "hopping" if you want to and at your own pace.
Now, if you are a non-Indian, you can only go to two Islands, Agatti and Bangaram, they are two neighboring islands. There is a resort in each island, Agatti Island Beach Resort and Bangaram Island Resort. Indians can also go to a few other islands, like Kavarati, but the accomodation there is in form of hammocks or tents with common toilets, not really to my liking!!
Of the two hotels, Agatti Island Beach Resort and Bangaram Island Resort, we chose the Agatti Island Beach Resort.
  1. Agatti Island has an airstrip, so one can take a straight 1hr flight from Kochi. To reach Bangaram, one has to come to Agatti and then take a 2hr boat ride. (tiring..., especially for us since we first had to go to Delhi from Dehra dun, then fly to Bombay and then to Kochi and then to Agatti, after that a boat ride... not for me !!)
  2. Agatti Island Resort, though exorbitantely priced, is still a lot cheaper than Bangaram. Most of the Indians go to Agatti for this reason, and most of the foreigners and VIP's like Sonia Gandhi go to Bangaram for precisely the same reason.
Good Points of Agatti Island Beach Resort:
  1. Easy accessibility.
  2. Economical
  3. Beautiful beyond words.
  4. Great Food.
  5. Great water sports with excellent instructors.
  6. Pleasant, warm and honest staff.
  7. Excellent beach.
  8. Liquor is not permitted on the island !! ( local sensibilities)
Bad Points of Agatti:
  1. Poor safety standards, on one boat carrying 24 tourists, you will find 7 life jackets ! None of the boats had anything like a communication equipment on board.
  2. Locals flood the resort on holidays and New Years Eve. On New Years Eve there were atleast 200 lungi and burka clad locals inside the resort. So, if you are looking for a candle light dinner and moon light dance on New Years Eve, this is not the place. What you'll get is a social function on a stage with hundreds of curious onlookers staring at you ! Sundays are equally bad, going out of your cottage can be difficult, leave alone getting into the water !!!!!!!!!
  3. Hotel Staff only understands bits and pieces of English ! So, it is quite a challenge to converse with them and get your point across. Sports instructores, however, are well educated and speak well.
Good Points of Bangaram:
  1. Much much more beautiful than Agatti.
  2. It is on an un-inhabited island, so no local gate crashers.
  3. Their boats seemed much more comfortable, with tyres all around and communication equipment like radio on board.
  4. No restrictions on liquor consumption.
Bad Points of Bangaram:
  1. Pricing.
  2. No airport.
Since we didnt stay in Bangaram, I cant tell you more about it!
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