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Chakrata, Uttaranchal

Multiple trips in 2007

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What to Do....

Chakrata is not a place to have a jam packed tour menu. Just sit back and relax and take the fresh air in. If you do yoga or are a singer, there is nothing better than an early morning practice.

chakrata city Map
Map of Chakrata City

1km from the Chakrata Gate is the Sadar Bazaar. It essentially consists of two parallel lanes with small shops.

Sadar Bazaar

Chakrata Market Chakrata Market

A footpath and a few dozen steps from the middle of this bazaar, take you to the “Chinta Haran Temple”. It is a Shivji temple and as the name suggests prayer here gets rid of all your worries. It’s a beautiful 10 minutes walk, initially past a stinking public urinal. The priest there, who has been around for 20yrs will tell you a nice folk lore associated with the temple.

Chinta Haran temple and the footpath leading to it.

Chinta Haran temple,Chakrata Chinta Haran temple,Chakrata

2kms from Chakrata Gate on the Bairat Khai road is Chirmiri. It is as beautiful as its name with tall pine trees and a gentle breeze. View from there is breath taking.


Download Sights and Sounds of chirmiri... 22 MB Avi file.

15kms on Lakhamandal road is Tiger Fall, the Second highest in India. Its roar sounds like a tigers, hence the name. There are no signboards on the road, so ask your way around.
52kms on the Lakhamandal Road is Lakhamandal, site of a famous temple. Best visited on the way back to Dehra Dun via Mussorie.


Lakhamandal Lakhamandal

15kms on the Tuni Road is Deo Van a place with an astounding view and 23 kms ahead of Deo van are the famous skiing slopes of Mundali.

What not to do:

Please do not pollute the area; carry all your plastic waste with you back to your home. Do NOT think that one more plastic bag will not make a difference.....it DOES !!! Set an example for others to follow. Personally, wherever I go in the hills, i always PICK UP plastic bags I find on trekking routes and take them back with me. Leave the place as you found it, for others to enjoy.

[About Chakrata] [Getting There] [Where to stay] [Hotel Snow View] [What to do] [Photo Gallery]
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