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Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

June, 2008

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Road to Bharmour
Road to Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh
Bharmour Temple
Chaurasia Temple, Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh
Bharmour Market
Bharmour Market, Himachal Pradesh
Bharmour PWD Guest House
PWD Guest House, Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh
View from PWD Guest House
View from PWD Guest House, Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh
Garbage everywhere in Bharmour
Garbage in Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh

Bharmour is a nice off-the-beaten track place 107 kms from Dalhousie. There are two roads to Bharmour, one is via Banikhet and Chamba while the other is via Khajjjiar and Chamba. The first route is a little longer but better as the road is wider and with fewer turns. The Khajjiar / Chamba road is very narrow and hilly. Via Banikhet, it is a good 4hrs drive, the last quater of which is fairly tough with broken roads due to construction of dams on River Ravi. Public buses regularly ply from Dalhousie via Chamba.

Go there only if you have 3 days to spare, otherwise, just staying overnight (as we did) is not really worth it. Since the drive to Bharmour is quite exhausting, the day you reach here is spent resting.

The best place to stay here is the PWD guest house. It is located centrally, is clean and at INR 250/- per day, a steal! Instead of driving straight into it, try calling up PWD Bharmour a few days before for a booking, at +911895225003. If you could not call, instead of driving straight into the guest house, go about 1/2 kms ahead to the office of PWD on your right and get your booking done. This saves the hassle of requesting the staff in the Guest House for a room, which they will give after a lot of pleading.There are 8 well fournished rooms there. Eating places in the town are quite dirty and it is best to order food in the Guest House only.

Another home turned Guest House which is frequented by foreigners is the Rajdhani Guest House. It is a little ahead of the PWD Guest House and on your left. There is a small board, after which one has to walk down to it. Rates are between INR 550/- and 850/-. It is good if you need the feeling of staying with a local family. Call +911895225084.

The other two hotels which are well advertised are dirty and surrounded by garbage.

Bharmour is a small town, located in a beautiful place but exceptionally dirty and stinky. There is garbage all around and the only market has drains on both sides which are choked and smelly.

The two places to see in the town are the Chaurasi Temple Complex, which is beautiful and clean and surrounded by numerous schools. All of the Schools have a lunch break at 1pm and pack up at 4pm. The rush of bright, cute and energetic children from all sides is a sight to see.

The second place to see is the Helipad, which is a short steep climb up the temple road. The view from the helipad is great and is a nice place to stroll in the evenings. A Sati Temple at the distant end of the helipad was a shocking thing to tumble upon.

The star attraction of Bharmour is the Mani Mahesh Lake. To reach the lake one drives for a hour ahead of Bharmour to the road end at village Hadsar, about 13kms away. From there you have to trek for 4hrs to reach the lake. Photographs of the lake seem magnificient. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we could not do the trek.

Road Map of Bharmour

Road Map of Bharmour
Download view of Bharmour... 26.6 MB AVI FILE.
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