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Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

June, 2008

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Road to Dainkund, Dalhousie
Road to Dainkund, Dalhousie
Dainkund Mountainside, Dalhousie
Dainkund, Dalhousie
Dainkund Trek route, Dalhousie
Trek at Dainkund, Dalhousie
Pahalani Devi Temple, Dainkund, Dalhousie
Temple ahead of Dainkund, Dalhousie

Dian Kund is THE most facinating place in the entire area. About 6kms drive from Lakkad Mandi takes one an Indian Air Force Barrier, where the cars are parked. The top of the hill is unfortunately occupied by an Indian Air Force establishment.

After parking the car one treks uphill for 250 meters to reach a flat area. This is called Dian Kund, or Witch's Pond. It is believed that in old days there were witches living there who used to trouble the villagers to no end. The pond is now supposed to be inside the IAF station.

The whole mountain side is full of millions of white wild Daisies.

Another 1 kms of breath taking trek on a plain track leads one to the Temple of Pahalani Devi. She is supposed to be an incarnation of Kali Mata and arose at the site from a stone. The split stone is still near the temple. She killed all the Witches and saved the villagers who since worship her.

If one has time, one can trek to a pass called "Jot" which is about 3hrs along the same ridge.

[About Dalhousie] [Getting There] [Where to stay] [Photo Gallery]
[Khajjiar] [Dain Kund] [Kalatop] [Bharmour] [Map of Dalhousie]