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Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

June, 2008

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Ambala Map
Map of Ambala
Jullunder Map
Map of Jullunder
Pathankot Map
Map of Pathankot

The nearest train station to Dalhousie is Pathankot. From Pathankot one can take a taxi or bus to Dalhousie. Taxis cost varies from 1500/- for Indica to 2400/- for Innova and also varies with the season. The rates are fixed by the Union. It is a 2hr hilly drive.

We drove from Dehra Dun to Dalhousie in 11 hrs covering about 600 kms. Though there is an apparently shorter route via Chandigarh and Ropar, one should take the National Highway 1, as it is much wider and easier to drive in and also faster. For a route map from Dehra Dun to Dalhousie via Ambala, Ludhiana, Jullunder and Pathankot see below.

Also, for easier driving, please see the various city maps on the left.

It is better to drive down, as you then have a vehicle for local sight seeing!

Finally, you reach a place called Banikhet, about 6 kms before Dalhousie. Remember to fill up your petrol tank here, as there is No petrol pump in Dalhousie and you need fuel to travel around. The pump is about 2kms before Banikhet. 3 kms after Banikhet, is Dalhousie Cantonment and then you reach the Dalhousie Bus Stand. See Map of Dalhousie for more details.

Road Map from Dehra Dun to Dalhousie
[About Dalhousie] [Getting There] [Where to stay] [Photo Gallery]
[Khajjiar] [Dain Kund] [Kalatop] [Bharmour] [Map of Dalhousie]