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Driving from Dehra Dun to Leh to Srinagar and back

26-June-11 to 10-July-11

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Jispa to Leh

This is theee most adventerous part of the drive, leave very early around 4.30 am. Breakfast time in Hotel Jispa starts at 4.00 am, so eat and leave. Carry boiled eggs and bread with you for the way, besides the usual stuff, boiled eggs are very filling. Make sure that all the stuff inside your vehicle is well covered, as today will be extremely dusty and everything will be covered by dust.

Aim is to cross the Nala just ahead of Zingzing Bar very early, because as the day progresses the water level rises and after noon it is difficult to cross it. We crossed it around 10 am. If everything goes well, you should plan to have lunch at Pangi around noon. (see the map below).

From Jispa to Leh by road

Police check post at Darcha Army post at Patseo
drive from Jispa to Leh drive from Jispa to Leh

The route is beautiful, occassionally straight, occassionally "hair raising", but worth every penny. The most beautiful part for me was Baralacha La and Sooraj Tal. Extremely cold and exceptionally beautiful.

Baralacha La Sooraj Tal
Baralacha La Sooraj Tal, Baralacha La
At Sarchu
Sarchu Sarchu

Gata Loops are fairly decent, nothing to really worry about, Lachunglang La is fairly decent with no ice and finally you reach Pangi. It takes 6 hours to reach here and Leh is 6 hours away. Have your lunch here. The Moore plains were extremely dusty, probably as a new road was being built. Clouds of dust were everywhere. The moment the climb for Tanglang La starts the road reappeared and the dust went away, but that was after 50 kms. Tanglang La was nice and then there is descent all the way upto Upshi and finally you reach Leh, happy but tired. Have a cup of tea at Rumste village just to strech your legs, a well deserved rest.

Pangi, Manali to Leh Pangi, Manali to Leh
Tanglang La
Taglang La Taglang La
After Taglang La
Taglang La Taglang La

Manali to Leh Road Map
Driving Time from Jispa to Leh
  • Jispa to Darcha: 30 mins
  • Darcha to Patseo: 30 mins
  • Patseo to Sarchu: 2 1/2 hours
  • Sarchu to Pangi: 3 hours
  • Pangi to Taglang La: 2 1/2 hours
  • Taglang La to Upshi: 2 hours
  • Upshi to Leh: 2 hours

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