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Trip to Kumaon, Uttarakhand

23rd May - 3rd June 2010

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Suman Royal Resort, Kausani

Suman Royal Resort is an excellent place to stay in, has ample parking space and is within walking distance of everything.

The staff is curteous and rooms great with an excellent view of the Himalayan Ranges from each room.

Suman Royal Resorts, Kausani
Suman Royal Resort

It has three floors, the 1st floor is at road level due to the mountain slope. There is a nice garden and a badminton court. The rates of the rooms go up with the floor, so the top floor is the most expensive. The rooms on the 'ground floor', which are the cheapest, however do not have seperate balconies and have a common terrace like space, so privacy may be an issue. The first and second floors have independent balconies, where you can sit and gaze at the ranges.

The only negative point about the Hotel is the exhorbitantly priced food in the restaurant. Not worth the money. We used to eat in two open "shacks", one on each side of the hotel, where the prices are relatively normal. The shack ahead of Suman, towards the KMVN Banglow, gives home made food with freshly plucked vegetables from their own garden (on request) and has realistic rates. You can sit on the open terrace and enjoy the cool breaze. They do take time to make your food (great, since it means it is fresh and hopefully you are there to relax). Remember to carry your torch when going for dinner.

To book them you need to call them up at the phone numbers provided on their website and deposit half the amount in their account. Remember, they do not refund anything if you cancel your booking, which is something not good.

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