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No Sim Error & Not showing up in Windows Explorer errors in iPhone4

Somethings in iPhone 4 are so unbelievably stupid. Although it is such an amazing phone, yet some there are some idiocities which baffle you and leave you wondering what the hell is Apple upto. Here are tow things which bugged the hell out of me for months, Googling them did not help and the final solution was so simple that it made me laugh. If you are also stuck like that please read on.

No Sim Error in iPhone 4

This is one problem which blew my brains out and no amount of googling helped. What finally helped was this page.

In brief, the cause of the No Sim Error in iPhone 4 is that the case in which the SIM Card is put in, is a new feature, it was a different mechanism in iPhone 3 and so this No Sim Error is unique in iPhone 4. If the golden circular part of the SIM Card touches any part of the metallic case, the SIM Card is goes short and no SIM error comes up. If you examine the slot you will be able to make out which part of the frame is touching the golden circular part of the SIM. So, the only way out, is to put a small piece of adhesive tape on the SIM Card part which touches the slot and your problem simply disappears. There is never any No SIM card error ever. This is the only permanent way out of this problem and probably Apple will once again change the card insertion mechanism in the new versions of iPhone.

iPhone 4 not showing up in Windows Explorer

This is another problem which bugged me to no end and ultimately the solution was so simple. The problem was that while iTunes could connect to the iPhone 4, yet on Windows Explorer there was no iPhone. Tried everything till one page pointed out that thanks to the "smart" phone, the iPhone will only show up in Windows Explorer if there are any photos taken by the phone in it. If the Picutres folder is blank, iPhone will not show up in Windows Explorer. iPhone 4 not there in Window's Explorer, take one photo and bang ! there is your iphone 4 in the Windows Explorer. So simple yet incredibly STUPID !

This page helped me.

No Service Error in iPhone 4

This is a common error in all iPhones and the only way out seems to be to restart the phone as many times as required and the towers will finally come back. If you have a better solution to this problem, please mail me. Thanks.