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Samsung Note 2 help with printing & Memory Card reading

How to Connect Samsung Note 2 to a Card Reader

After days of struggle, i finally was able to read my Camera's Memory Card in my Samsung Note 2.
The best and cheapest way is to get a Micro USB to USB Port converter cable and connect it to a USB Card reader as shown in the picture below.
The memory card shows up in the "Files" App immediately.
Samsung Note 2 connected to card reader
Samsung Note 2 connects easily this way to a card reader

How to Connect Samsung Note 2 to a USB printer

This is another issue with Note 2. I wanted to print my doc files directly from my Note 2 but there was simply no way i could with my old HP Officejet 5610.
Either i had to buy a new printer or transfer the doc to my laptop and then print.
Well, after struggling with it, an app called Printshare solved the problem. This is the cheapest and the surest way of connecting your Samsung Note 2 to an old USB printer.
Download the free version first just to check if it is compatible with your printer. The free version of the app lets you print a test page. Try it.
It will work. Buy the paid version.
Much simpler than wasting time on contraptions to try and print from your Samsung Note through a USB Printer.