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25-Dec-09 to 02-Jan-10

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The 302km drive from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer took 4 hrs. The road is good but trucks are everywhere slowing you down.

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Jaisalmer is a photographers delight! Thankfully in this age of digital photographs you never run out of "photo roll" but the sheer beauty of the place and the adjoining areas is unbelievable. I am sure with over 25 photographs this page will be difficult to download.


We stayed at RTDC Hotel Moomal. Comfortable and clean with good food. A useful tip would be to try and get a room facing the backside of the hotel as the view is better and you get lots of sunlight (comparatively). There are cute looking huts also available, though they did not seem very comfortable.

Hotel Moomal, Jaisalmer
Hotel Moomal, Jaisalmer Hotel Moomal, Jaisalmer

Within 5mins of walking distance of the hotel is the Fort Area which is the main touristy area. There is a big open space in which cars are parked, which leads to a gate through which you reach a straight narrow road, which is the main touristy market road and it leads straight to the fort, in about 15 mins of casual walking. The fort is beautiful and has a small palace. Rather than taking a guide, it is better to take an "Audio Tour" in which for Rs 150/- they give you a walkman type of audio player with headsets and it guides you around the palace. Worth the money!

Jaisalmer FortNarrow lanes inside the fort
Jaisalmer Fort Lanes in the Jaisalmer Fort

Two photographs which I must put up even if they take space ......

Girls climing a tree near JaisalmerKite flying in front of the fort
Jaisalmer Fort Kite flying in front of Jaisalmer Fort

The best and most exciting part of Jaisalmer was our visit to the Indo - Park Border, to a place called BP 609 (Border Post 609). Only Indians are allowed to reach the post though foreigners can go till a place called Tanot, about 20kms short of the border, where there is a Border Security Force check post and you need permission to go further (which is not difficult for Indians). In Tanot there is a temple where in 1971 war over 400 Pakistani bombs fell but not a single exploded, though undertaking the 122kms journey (2hrs) is still worth it because of the sheer beauty of the road after a place called Ramgarh. A village called Ranau is too beautiful for words. Start with a full petrol tank.

Road to Tanot
Road to Tanot Road to Tanot

Midway between Ramgarh and Tanot is the beautiful village of Ranau on your left. Exactly on your right will be a massive three storey high and a kilometer long sanddune. Do visit both the village and the dune on your way back from Tanot.

Village Ranau
Village Ranau Village Ranau
Village Ranau Village Ranau

At Tanot visit the temple and then get in the queue to go to the Border Post. After entering your details at the checkpost you are allowed to go through, when some vehicles return from the post, as they do not want to have a traffic jam at the border. DO NOT GET THE CAR OFF THE ROAD as the tyres will get stuck in the sand and it would need a tractor to pull you out. If in a jam, just stay put rather than getting off the road.

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Border Post 609
If you trace the road backwards you will see Tanot

On the way to Border Post 609
Tanot Tanot
Shallow Well in the desert, AmazingBorder Post 609, the Indo-Pak Border Fence can be seen
On way to BP 609 Border Post 609

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