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25-Dec-10 to 04-Jan-11

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a huge city but very well organized and clean. We stayed only 3 nights there, which was quite less. Baan Sukhumvit Hotel, Soi 18 was the place we stayed in and it was nice. It is a small hotel but very nice rooms, free wi-fi and breakfast. The best part is that it is centrally located just next to the Sky Train and MRT Station so going to tourisy places is extremely easy.

Siam Mall, Thailand
Mall at Siam, Thailand

Once you are on the main road from the hotel, the Sky train station is on your right, just 10 steps away, so is the store 7 Eleven. 7-11 stores are found all over Bangkok and besides being giving general supplies, give excellent frozen and fresh fruit. They even warm the food for you and give you free salad and sauce with it, at dirt cheap price. Excellent place to eat if you don't know where to eat.

Bangkok Hotel Sukhumvit Inn
Bangkok Bonn Sukhumvit Inn, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Buy a day pass for the sky train and have a blast. You can exit and enter wherever you choose and it is fun and comfortable.

Try and be in Bangkok on Sat or Sun as the famous Chatuchak Market is open on these days only. To go there, go to the Sky train and head for Mo Chit station. The market is just 2 mins walk from the Sky train station.

Another Sky Train Station by the name of Siam literally opens into a huge but expensive shopping mall. All the worlds top brands in everything are available there. The ground floor of the mall has a massive food court. The biggest I've ever seen.

At the National Stadium Station of the Sky Train is MBK Mall. Another huge place for cheap shopping. The 4th floor has electronics and mobiles of all kinds but without any bill. You need to change the Sukhumvit Line at Siam to reach National Stadium.

Cho Prayag Express, Bangkok, Thailand
Cho Prayag Express, Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting the Golden Palace is a must in Bangkok. Take the Skytrain to Siam, cross over to the other line to Taksin. At the last stop (Taksin) go down the steps leading to jetty and buy a whole day ticket on the Cho Prayag Express, which is a tourist boat plying up and down the river every half an hour. If you want to economize you could also buy point to point tickets. There is a running commentary on the boat about the various landmarks along the river. When you reach the Golden Palace jetty, get down and come out to the main road, turn left and head straight. At the first main intersection, turn left. You will see a white wall across the road, which is the palace. Enter from the third gate. Make sure you arms and legs are totally covered otherwise you will have to rent a cloth from the counter at the gate itself. We took an audio tour, we got a headphone with a walkman type of apparatus and a map, which explained the details of what you see. At the Sleeping Buddha jetty, just walk out of jetty, there is a kind of touristy and local market, the sleeping Buddha temple is just there.

Bangkok Sky Train Map

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