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25-Dec-10 to 04-Jan-11

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Eating in Thailand

Thai Food
Eating in Thailand is fun IF you love sea food, which i don't.

Almost everthing has some kind of fish sauce smell in it, even if you look for a vegetarian dish. Fruits are plentyful and cheap. Chicken dishes are difficult to find but not impossible. We ate everthing we could from everwhere we found a crowd eating and it was good and cheap. Never had any upset stomach problem. After India, everything is safe.

If you look around you can also find McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Subway.

In Bangkok, if you run out of eating option, head for the neartest 7 -11 store, they have everything from bread to sandwiches to frozen food, which they even microwave for you free of charge plus there is a counter with free salad and sauce. What could be better?

The safest thing for me was Green / Yellow / Red Thai Chicken Curry.

Another very good option is to take lots of ready to eat microwave food, you can micro wave it in your hotel or even in 7-11 stores. This is especially good if you are a vegetarian, gives you one good meal a day to survive on.

Food in Thailand Food in Thailand

[Thailand] [Pattaya] [Pranburi] [Bangkok]
[ Shopping in Thailand] [ Eating in Thailand]