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25-Dec-10 to 04-Jan-11

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Pranburi, Thailand

One of the highlights of our stay in Thailand was Pranburi.

Pranburi Beach
Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand

It is a small hamlet about 60 kms from a big city called Hua Hin. The place we stayed in was Dolphin Bay Resort, a beautiful, surprisingly cheap resort with an excellent and very safe beach. We spent 5 days here and wished there were more. Food is very economically priced and it is worth eating in the resort. Breakfast if free if you are staying for 5 nights.

Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand
 Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand
Our Room, Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand
Dolphin Bay Resort, Pranburi, Thailand

The thing to do there is just relax. Also take a half day trip orgazined by the hotel, to the Khao Sam Roi Yod Marine National Park is nice. It involves a 2km strenous trek to the exotic Phraya Nakhon Cave, a beach and a mangrove trail walk. If you wish you could also take a boat ride in the backwaters.

Phraya Nakhon Cave
Phraya Nakhon Cave, Pranburi, Thailand

If, like me, you miss Indian food, there is a nice Indian Restaurant on the right of the hotel.

A must do is a visit to Hua Hin, 60 kms away. We hired a scooter from the hotel and drove down, it took us an hour to reach and 40 mins to head back. We headed to the Village Market, which is on your right, on the road which you will be driving, a little after Bangkok Hospital. A little ahead, to the left from the first traffic light, is the beach. The "Village Market" is anything but a village, you can spend hours there shopping. Take a bag with you for your purchases otherwise like us, you will have to buy a bag.

We spent the New Year's Eve here and the function (which is compulsory for residents) was fantastic. The highlight was the lightening of flying lanterns, a Thai tradition of welcoming the New Year.

From Pranburi we went to Bangkok by taxi. You could go by bus also if you are amenable to a bit of roughing out. A train from Hua Hin, leaves at 6.30am, reaching Bangkok at 10.30am is also an option if you don't have too much of luggage. You could ask the hotel to book it for you.

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