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November 2007

Chances are that if you were looking for Triambakeshwar, you have a "Kal Sarp Dosh" in your horoscope, as I had, which is why I landed up in Triambakeshwar.
Triambakeshwar is a small town, very important from a religious point of view, about 30 kms from Nasik. River Godavri is supposed to originate from the mountains behind the town, hence the religious importance. This is also the place where the Kumbh Mela is held.
Kal Sarp Dosh is a fault in your horoscope which results in obstacles arising in whatever you do in life and nothing comes to you easliy. It usually is the result of you killing a snake in your previous life! To correct this, a special prayer is performed in this place. Costing around Rs 2500/- and lasting around 6hrs, it is an event of a life time!

How to reach

From Bombay, one goes to Nasik, about 3 hrs by train or 4hrs by road. Trains are cheaper, more comfortable and there are numerous trains with a/c chair cars to catch from Lokmanya Tilak Terminal and Dadar stations in Mumbai. From Nasik, we took an autorikshaw for Rs 300/- to Triambakeshwar. The 1hr ride is through unlit roads and can be a scare after dark, though the area is safe with decent people. Taxi's charge around Rs 500/-.
Triambakeshwar City The Temple Temple Temple
Triambakeshwar Triambakeshwar Triambakeshwar Triambakeshwar

Where to Stay

Most of the priests you tie up with, have basic accomodation in their own houses, which is included in the package deal. Though the town has a few basic hotels, it is best to stay with the priest, as it is more convenient the next day during the pooja.
The Pooja The Kund The Peepal Tree
Triambakeshwar Triambakeshwar Triambakeshwar

Kalp Sarp Dosh Pooja

It is a loooong pooja, begins around 9am with a dip in the holy kund(Pond), where the Godavri is supposed to arise, then some prayers and finally a round around the "peepal" tree.
After that one goes to the priests house, where the marathon 4 hr pooja is held. You have to be empty stomach for the prayer and sitting for 4hrs is really taxing, but hopefully, it is worth it!