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Without trees there would be no life

Citizens For Green Doon celebrate the 2nd Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival

Dr Nitin Pandey


One thousand students and scores of Doonites gathered on the grounds of St.Joseph's Academy on Sunday for a common cause: to celebrate Trees. Billed as the flagship event of Citizens For Green Doon, the 2nd Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival was celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor.

"Trees are an indispensable part of life. Without trees we will not survive. I believe if there is one God which we can see and touch, it is them." said Alok Ulfat, renowned theatre personality, who compered the whole event.

Second Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival
Students participating in the Second Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival

Students from over 10 schools and colleges participated in the festival, including MKP PG College, Army School Birpur and Clement Town, University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences, John Martin Memorial School, St. Thomas College, St. Joseph's Academy, Oak Grove School Mussorie & Scholars Home.

"We celebrate trees by singing about them, enacting plays, debating, drawing and painting about them" said Anjali Bhatia, a CFGD member. The theme for painting competition was "My Dehra Dun, Clean and Green" while for the poster making competition was "Trees For Life". The paintings and posters were put up later on a wall as an exhibition for people to see and left many speechless.

The stage show began with "Gaura Devi". Staged by the Samgam Sanskrit Manch it received loud applauses frequently from the audience and reminded people of 1970's when the hills of Uttarakhand echoed with the slogan of Chipko. Vriksh Vikalp a play by students of UPES College, Anokha Tofha by children of John Martin Memorial College and Doobta Dehra Dun by MKP College touched an emotional chord with the audience.

"Participating in the play Vriksh Vikalp was really interesting for me" said Shubendra Singh, a student of UPES. "It was really exciting to perform in front of so many people. We had really worked hard, and we hope the message got through to the audience that trees also feel pain when they are cut and they do so much for us, yet we mercilessly chop them down"

Among the participants of the painting competition was 6 yr old Rhea Mary Rao. "I wanted to tell the people of my city not to use polybags and plant more trees. That is why I took part in the painting competition" said Rhea.

The biggest attraction of the festival was undoubtedly the Hug A Tree Corner. People queued up to hug a huge Silver Oak Tree and got their photographs taken. Said Harminder Singh, who studies in SBSPGI College "Today was the first time I hugged a tree and I was surprised that the tree hug me back. It was a touching moment. Now I will try and hug a tree every day."

Among the dignitaries who visited the festival were Prof. Grijesh Pant, VC Doon University, Dr Chetna Pokhriyal, Associate Professor of English, MKP College and Bro. George, Principal of St. Joseph's Academy. "We purposely never have any Chief Guests in our functions" explains Dr Nitin Pandey, a CFGD member "our Chief Guest is the ordinary person, on whom, we shower all our attention, with the hope of sensitizing him to the cause of environment".

As curtains fell on the festival, CFGD members looked happy and tired. Sipping from a cup of fruit juice, Laksha Mehta, an active member of CFGD said "wish we could have shown these plays to some government officials who are bent upon cutting trees, maybe that would have changed their outlook."

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From: That's more than seleibns! That's a great post!
That's more than seleibns! That's a great post!

From: Nice post. I was checking conintuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful information specifically the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.
Nice post. I was checking conintuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful information specifically the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

From: A Doonite
Nice to read about collectively pursuing a cause for a greener tomorrow. What I feel is not just the students but also a thrust is needed from adult public /Govt alike. Those that have lived in Doon since past several decades would acknowledge the pathetic state of vehicular traffic today. A small town meant for a peaceful & clean green life has been enundated with unprecedented vehicular traffic & unabated construction of buildings/flats. Its rightly said that " Natures resources are limited but human needs(greed?) are unlimited". Everybody wants a house/flat for self as well another one for hiring on rent. Its considered a good investment. Everybody wants a cycle then a car & then another car- no need for a judicious spend but keeps on accumulating vehicles. Even if from the same colony several people go to the same office, they will use seperate vehicles rather than share. Its always easy to talk of green issues,polluted environmental concerns, gobal warming etc etc etc but does one switch of his fan/light/ computer at office/school/home when not using it? Does anyone care when faulty taps keep wasting water at public places. Does one think before spitting in the staircases of buildings? Does one care before wasting papers when the work could be done using emails/soft copies? Does one use a cloth bag in shopping instead of asking for poly bags?.......there can be several areas of activism. Unless & untill the responsibility as well as sense of urgency pervades the conscience of masses, there wont be a positive impact. Inititives for improvement will be outweighed by the negative habbits that have so much pervaded.